Along with tantra yoga and Exclusive tantric massage in London you can have a course of any Western European classical massage. Massage should be considered as a mandatory additional component of healthy life. This regular hygienic procedure is aimed at the prevention and treatment of many diseases of the body and spirit. We strive to make our prices one of the most affordable tantric massages in London, so that everyone can join this procedure. Therefore you will be pleasantly surprised with the ratio of price and quality of tantric massages in our center.

Tantric massage is a meditation and an art of giving comfort and achieving harmony. 10-15 minutes after the start of tantric massage London session you go on a journey into a deep relaxation and meditation. During the massage there is achieved a special sensual status, and by 2.5 - 3 hours , when the massage is finished, you will feel the inner and outer unity and peace. In place of tension, stress and possible chronic fatigue comes a feeling of coziness and comfort in your own body.

We want you to have the opportunity to enjoy regular tantric massage London treatment because massage is a necessary hygienic procedure, and you need to have it regularly, not just for fun or when there is a critical health situation . Massage is the prevention measure for many diseases, cosmetic problems, one of the methods of getting rid of stress, and so infinitely much more. Erotic massage is a unique sensory experience that combines the healing power of touch with natural essential oils; it affects the body, emotions and mind.

Using Light Therapy With Erotic Massage

In London massage and SPA salons like that of Mon Amour massage there are often use colored spotlights, which play aesthetic and energy balancing roles:

- Yellow lights set feelings in motion, free from the negativity that undermines confidence. Help to accept easier new ideas and to take a different perspective. It contributes to a better self-organization and concentration of thought.

- Red light is designed for weary people. It stimulates the nervous system, releases adrenaline, improves circulation, increases sexuality and sexual desire - very useful for tantric massage London sessions indeed!

- Green light is harmonizing as it balances excitation and inhibition in the central nervous system, improves autonomic regulation and has a mild sedative effect on the emotional state. There is no person who has not thought about tantric massage with a smile and blissful grin. Even if you used the services of a masseur at a critical time for you ( back problems, injury, etc ) , anyway, despite some soreness, massage leaves you nothing but good memories. This is not surprising, because erotic massage is one of the most pleasant procedures. So let's not wait for the alarm bells in the form of back pain or sperm toxicosis, and go for erotic massage London session this week.

Major Classical Sensual Tantric Massage Techniques

- Stroking : hand glides over the skin, masseur massages area without moving and without stretching it. Start and finish your tantric session with stroking massage. Also stroking is performed in between other massage techniques.

- Rubbing : when the receiving hand of massage therapist moves the skin and underlying tissues .  

- Kneading : essence reception is gripping , it is lifting, push-ups , pressing and releasing the tissue .

- Vibration : the transfer of the massaged tissues with oscillatory movements of varying strength and frequency.

Sensual massage in London salons usually begins with gentle pats. During this part of the treatment, hand glides over the skin, but does not move in the crease, with varying degrees of pressure. This technique has an effect on metabolic processes, increases muscle tone, enhances blood circulation , facilitates the flow of lymph and blood, which leads to a reduction of edema, promotes rapid removal of metabolic products from the body and cleanses the skin from toxins , balances secretion of sweat and sebaceous glands . In practice, tantric massage therapist uses two techniques, one of which has a calming effect (planar surface stroking ) , and the other - a tonic (deep and intermittent ). 

In addition, this has analgesic and pain relieving effect. Rubbing uses much more vivacious strokes and has a more profound impact on the tissues. Purification is carried out in the course of blood and lymph flow, increasing blood flow to the massaged tissues, improving their nutrition and metabolism. Rubbing eliminates pathological elements in different layers of tissue, increases the elasticity of the muscles, significantly reduces neural excitability. When the hand that is rubbing the skin shifts, producing stretching in different directions, the skin moves with the hand of the masseur.

Kneading is one of the most challenging in technical execution of massage techniques, or rather it is a set of techniques that first soften massaged area and then squeeze and knead it. The main impact of tantric massage is made by kneading the muscles, thereby increasing their flexibility, increases blood and lymph flow, significantly improves tissue nutrition, metabolism, relieves muscle fatigue, increases muscle tone, performance, and contractile function. 

There are two kinds of kneading : continuous and intermittent, both of them will be seamlessly incorporated nto your erotic massage London session . Vibration is quite a simple trick in its technical execution. During its execution vibrational motions are produced uniformly, but with different velocity and amplitude, depending on the frequency which expands or contracts the vessels, lowers blood pressure, reduces heart rate, and the timing of the formation of callus after fractures. Thus, tantric massage is not only erotic pleasure. It has the whole set of arrays to make one healthier and happier person.